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Champagne Dental

2 Champagne Drive

North York, ON. Canada - M3J 2C5

Tel: (416) 638-7107

About Us


Located in North York, Ontario, the Champagne Dental clinic consists of a courteous, friendly, and experienced team of dental health care professionals. Spanning two generations and over 30 years of collective experience, our staff is committed to ensuring that all of our patients are treated with care and respect, and we are committed to making all of your visits as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Here are a few other reasons to choose Champagne Dental as your dental health care provider:

Commitment to our Patients

We are dedicated to excellence in all we do. This commitment extends from our top quality dental care to our exceptional level of personal service. We are proud to be a patient-centered practice that consistently provides a level of care with only the highest standards.


Our commitment to giving you the best dental care available is surpassed only by our dedication to serving you in a caring, professional manner. Our cutting edge facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology. This enables us to give you an accurate, comprehensive diagnosis and to provide the most effective, comfortable treatment available.

We work hard to integrate dental treatment into your daily life by developing a personalized dental health program that will accommodate both your busy schedule and personal finances.

Multi-Lingual Environment

We welcome patients who speak English, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, as well as other languages.

Where to Begin?

Our relationship begins with you telling and showing us exactly how you would like your teeth and smile to look. It is then up to us to help you understand what can (and sometimes cannot) be done to accomplish your cosmetic dental goals. Many cosmetic dentistry options are available, such as Invisalign clear braces, porcelain veneers, and even dental implants.

We understand that you are looking for a dentist who will listen to precisely what you would like to accomplish with your cosmetic dental procedure while still maintaining the function and health of your dentition. We believe that when you choose us as your dentist, we are entering into a long-term relationship built on mutual trust and shared respect.

If you would like to book an appointment, or if you have any questions for us, please give us a call at (416) 638-7107.

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Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 8:00pm

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